Jeff N

March 31, 2009

Post #2490 – 20090331

My Son (age 10) and I have recently been enjoying your work together. Last night, for some reason, I was moved to do something that I’ve never done before. I wrote a “book review.” Here it is:

Daniel Pinkwater’s novel “The Snarkout Boys and

the Baconsburg Horror” has more bizarre,

strange, and quite frankly disturbing twists of

plot than any work ever written in the English

language. Anyone who considers this to be

appropriate literature for children is

deranged. Or a genius. Or both.

Thanks for making our lives more fun and interesting than they would otherwise be.

Daniel replies:

You are playing with fire. I once thought that writing a book review was something I would never do. It's easy to get started, and then they don't let you quit. They keep dragging you back in! It's a dirty business, and no one who does it sleeps well, or deserves to. Be warned by my example. (I agree with your observations, of course).