lakshman joseph de saram

January 28, 2009

Post #2467 – 20090128

Dear Daniel,

I am Rohan Joseph’s younger brother Lakshman. I remember numerous times him talking nostalgically about the days you all spent together in NYC. I am glad I found you on the net today, because I have been looking far and wide for a book he gave me written by you in’81 titled the Wuggie Norple story. If i remember right, you had dedicated it to him. I am looking to buy that book now for my kids, any idea how I might go about it? Thank you, Lakshman.

Daniel replies:

I remember Rohan with tremendous fondness. He was a wonderful companion, and the source of many unexpected and amusing adventures for his friends. The book is quite rare now--I retain a couple of archival copies, but have none to spare. It does come up for sale now and then on Ebay, and also online dealers in children's books should have copies. Please give my regards to the rest of Rohan's family.