Linda L Carter

January 17, 2009

Post #2465 – 20090117

I was hoping that Daniel could help me find a book from my childhood. I am 60. so it was abit ago. It is/was a book about a country where people were either circle (globes) or squares (cubes). They are all happy people until the king who is a square decides that everyone must be a square and has a machine that mashes the circles into squares. That is as much as I can remember. I have looked for this life changing book for 30 years. My dad didn’t really remember reading it to me but thought it was by Thurber, I couldn’t find it there, but could have missed it. It seems like a book you would appreciate and if I could find it I wold be so happy. Thanks and love your work!!

Daniel replies:

Seems vaguely familiar, but if I saw it when I too was a kid and didn't pay attention to things like titles and authors, not much hope I will be of any help to you. Sorry