Kelli Schwert

November 30, 2008

Post #2452 – 20081130

Wow, I could have written that previous email, sent to you by a librarian, myself! I just wanted to drop in and say that Lizard Music remains to be one of my all-time favorite books. I am an occupational therapist working in a school setting and I recommend it to all of my students with somewhat of a chaotic frenzy (“You have GOT to READ this BOOK!” while shoving it in their hands). I remember first hearing about Lizard Music when it was featured on a PBS children’s book review show back in fifth grade. I love each little thing that makes the book so unique…. from pebbles-taped-on-the-wrist watches (I’ve done this before to see if any of my students notice) to the gold statue of Walter Cronkite (my students ask who he is, too). And to this day I always picture a lizard when I hear the name Reynold (or Raymond or Helena). Thank you for this literary treasure!

Daniel replies:

Glad you like it. It was my first non-picture book, and I have to admit, I think it is pretty good too. Interestingly, the next 98 books or so, while only 2 or 3 of them absolute failures, were none of them quite as good, or such is my opinion. This caused me to ponder. Then I wrote The Neddiad, which I think is the equal of Lizard Music. Lizard Music is currently out of print, (and also has been optioned for a possible movie--which is always a long shot), so if you see a used copy, snap it up.