Linda Garfinkel

November 18, 2008

Post #2449 – 20081118

Hi Daniel –

I am a Children’s Librarian and a long time fan. My husband and two daughters all adore your book “Tooth-Gnasher Superflash”. I was able to purchase a used copy off the Internet recently but I really think you should convince your publisher to bring back this FABULOUS book.

Love to hear you on Saturday Morning Edition on WNYC!!!

Yours very truly,

Linda Garfinkel

Youth Services Librarian

West Caldwell Public Library

West Caldwell, NJ

Daniel replies:

Thanks for the kind words. Publishers are not so easy to convince. Publishers are companies. Companies are not people, they are something that happens when people get together and operate under certain rules, or supposed rules, or lack of rules, in a corporate way. Try an experiment. Next time you attend one of those librarian jamborees, get 1,000 librarians to sign a petition asking for some deserving out-of-print book to be brought back--doesn't need to be one of mine--but it could be. Assuming you can do this, send the petition to the publisher. You would think 1,000 professionals stating that a book ought to be in print would convince a publisher, wouldn't you? Then wait and see what happens. I find it easier to just write whole new books.