Lindsay duPont

September 10, 2008

Post #2446 – 20080910

Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the Jim Copp book. I was hoping to write you a bit about how the book came to be but there isn’t enough room here. I’ve heard those particular 3 stories hundreds of times and I still collapse in a heap of delight every single time. Thanks to you, a lot more people are aware of the book and my hope of re-introducing Jim Copp to a new generation is happening right this very minute.

Lindsay duPont

(the illustrator and former happy reader of The Big Orange Splot and Young Larry, over and over and over again.)

Daniel replies:

Glad you liked it. In the interests of time, and to make a good radio piece, some of my remarks about how swell the illustrations are got edited out, so I iterate the sentiments here. I understand the book is doing nicely, which makes me happy. You done a good job.