Wendy Chalmers

July 23, 2008

Post #2429 – 20080723

I’m a kindergarten teacher and love your book, The Big Orange Splot. My colleague and I had been looking to get additional copies without luck. However Scholastic now has 16,000 copies of it. Curiousity has gotten the better of me–did you recently publish a bunch more because we heard that title was out of print.

Thanks so much!

Daniel replies:

Ah, you think I have something to do with decisions Scholastic makes! Or any publisher. Actually it is an easy mistake to make. You are a human, equipped with a brain, and capable of rational thought. I am one too! Publishers are companies. Companies do what companies do. In this case I am very happy they did what you say they did. Now watch them decide to dump all 16,000 in the East River, or lose them in the warehouse, or send me a letter saying the book is being put out of print, and offering to let me buy up remaindered copies, and then when I order a couple hundred telling me they and sorry but they have all been shredded by mistake. I suggest you get as many as you can, while they can be gotten, store some, and sell the rest on Ebay the next time the book becomes unavailable.