Jonathan Packman

June 27, 2008

Post #2423 – 20080627

Dear D.P.,

A while ago (like 8 years) I heard you and Scott Simon read parts of “Henry Hikes to Fitchburg,” and I liked it so much that I bought 2 copies: one for a friend’s child and one for a future child that I was confident my wife and I would one day have.

Well, Henry Hikes is now a part of our repertoire, as well as “Big Orange Splot” and “Two Bad Bears.” (We call our two boys Irving and Muktuk).

Thanks to you, our older son is convinced that our front yard would be perfect alligator habitat, and has started digging a moat in preparation for our trip to the zoo to collect our new reptile friend. We hate to disappoint him. Any advice?


Dad of Muktuk

Daniel replies:

You should be able to find much information on the web about preparing suitable environments for crocodilians. More important are guidelines for selecting same. Temperament is the first consideration.