May 30, 2008

Post #2410 – 20080530

Dear Pinkwater,

I have always loved your books for all the time that I have been able to read. I think they have been an influence, at least partially, on the direction my mind and interests have taken…the strange, old, discarded, the mystical…also just dumb and strange stuff. It is all very important to me, so thank you.

I was just re-reading Chicago Days/Hoboken Nights, and read about Norb, then looked it up and found some strips online…is there any chance that it might someday be reprinted in book form? I see that it was in 1992, but that book is now selling for over 100 clams on Amazon…

That’s all I have to say for now, but know that any new generation of kids that I’m responsible for will read Pinkwater.



Daniel replies:

Thank you. I have always loved my books for all the time that I have been able to write. I don't know whether NORB will ever be re-re-printed, but I might well do something else on the order of NORB, particularly if some publisher wants to give me money for so doing. (I understand there are discussions taking place about this sort of possibility even as I type this line--so stand by).