Dave Wygant

May 30, 2008

Post #2409 – 20080530

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

In 1968 at age 20 I purchased a BMW R69-US and thus began my 250,000 mile adventure, over several years and several motorcycles.

A few years back I was in the grocery store, as was frequently the case and I ran across something written by you that I now wish I had purchased. That is, I think it was you and I think it might have been in a special edition of Sports Illustrated of LIFE perhaps. Does this sound familiar? The short story was about you as a youth and how you had purchased a 500 Matchless and something about it not running and finally, the bike falling off it’s kickstand on a rainy night. I loved the story. It was one in which I knew the same person, that is someone with the same whit and similar circumstances… different bike but same sort of “good luck”.

If this is your short story, could you please tell me what was it’s title and where can I find it?

Thank you for many years of enjoyable essays.

Best Regards,

Dave Wygant

Daniel replies:

The only 2-wheeled motorized vehicle I ever rode was a Vespa I rented in England in 1959--I never got more than a block away from the scooter shop, because the clutch or some part of the transmission busted on 3 succesive machines in short order before the proprietor and I figured out I was just too heavy for the thing to move me.