Richard Holland

May 15, 2008

Post #2407 – 20080515

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Please disregard my earlier (and after finding your search function, horribly redundant) question about the third Snarkout Boys novel I read about on Wikipedia. You may (if you don’t already, sheesh I should look before I write these things) want to consider putting a big flashing warning to the effect of “Hey you, search the archive first before you ask something silly like ‘where do you get your ideas from’ to see if it has been asked already, several hundred times”. Or perhaps something more concise.

All that aside, thank you for Lizard Music, the Snarkout Boys, Young Adult Novel (which I wish I had found when I was a young adult, might have saved me some embarrassment) and thanks in advance for the Neddiad which is on my bedstand for when I finish the Baconburg Horror. I am using my infant son as an excuse to buy lots of children’s book I have loved in the past and re-read them. He will have one hell of a library.

With my regards,


Daniel replies:

Since I forget everything immediately, and never give the same answer twice, (or do I? I don't remember), there is no need to apologize for being the 453rd person to ask that particular one. Continue reading, and thank you.