Amelia G

May 12, 2008

Post #2406 – 20080512

I first read ‘The Snarkout Boys and the Avacado of Death’ when I worked in the junior section of the library in my town while I was in high school. I have been reading since I was 5, and this was the first book that made me laugh out loud. Even though it was a kid’s book, I loved the way it unfolded and developed, and to this day, I would give anything to find a Snark Theatre.

I just wanted to thank you for writing the way you do. Whenever I tell stories to my kids, or any children, I no longer feel constrained by the formulaic structure of children’s stories. I let my imagination go, and I have discovered something you must have years ago – wherever you go in a story, as long as it’s not boring, kids will gladly go too.

Thank you for that, and for Fish Whistle.


Daniel replies:

""Wherever you go in a story, as long as it's not boring, kids will gladly go too.""

Yes. I think I may have picked up an understanding of that principle by reading stuff written before there was literary theory and criticism and reviewers and editors and would-be writers who are willing to believe that if you can follow a recipe you are a cook.