Mark Rowan

April 16, 2008

Post #2392 – 20080416

Hello again, esteemed Mr. Pinkwater.

I know that you’re not particularly fond of using your message board for commercial messages, but I thought you might like to remind the potential Lizard Music thief of the existence of websites like On Abe Books, I found five different copies of Lizard Music for one dollar each (plus shipping, of course). No word on the relative pinkness of each cover, sadly.

I would like to thank you, as well, for the Audio Archive. This is truly an excellent idea, and makes my evangelism regarding all things Pinkwater even easier. (I also am quite taken with the idea of a graphic novel, so long as you retain creative control.)

Daniel replies:

Thanks for this. My dynamic agent is looking into finding an artist suitable for graphic novelization at this moment. As to creative control, it will be my pleasure to write the script, and let the artist do his/her thing--I do not let others control my creative, and having found the right one, I do not presume to control theirs. I did not see, or ask to see, D. B. Johnson's brilliant vision of the new and improved Bear's Picture for my comment or guidance, 'cause he is a master, like myself. It will probably be the same, if we ever find the right person to do Lizard Music or whatever text(s).