Kiera Dymit

March 17, 2008

Post #2376 – 20080317

Hello! I am a 23 year old English teacher (7th grade) and I grew up with your books. As a kid, I would spend hours at the library grabbing random books off the shelf and reading them. Anyway, I read a book as a kid that I am 99% sure is one of yours, but no one can tell me the title of this book. It’s about a boy who travels with his uncle in a RV shaped like a pickle, and they go across the country going to every fast food restaurant in chain. The restaurant has a slogan that went “Cluck cluck, it’s in the bag!” There was a witch who could make their toes hurt. Anyway, if it’s a story of yours, then you’ll know it by now. Title??


Daniel replies:

Not mine, but come back and tell us the title when you find out--I want to read it!