Leslie Buford

February 20, 2008

Post #2365 – 20080220

Dear Daniel,

May I call you Daniel? I’d like to, because you already seem like a dear old friend. Rainy Morning is my particular favorite because something about it makes my husband giggle uncontrollably as we read it aloud to my son. Rainy mornings in our house are no longer complete without some corn muffins, some soggy animals, and Beethoven on the stereo (he never seems to appear in the flesh, which is a good thing, I suppose). Now if only I could find a small European circus…

Thank you for the website, the podcast, and the list of your and Jill’s books. I look forward to tracking down a few more gems to keep my 8 year old reluctant reader going and giggling.

Daniel replies:

You may call me anything you like. I am so happy you mentioned Rainy Morning, which has such wonderful illustrations by Jill!