Quinne C.L.

December 24, 2007

Post #2345 – 20071224

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I don’t know exactly how to start this off, but the simplest way to try is to thank you for bringing Borgel into existence. My father and I used to listen to it every time we went on a road trip, and let me tell you, it makes for a wonderful childhood memory.

It’s a great book…it’s so much fun to imagine, and as a result, never gets old. It’s beautiful, in the strangest way possible. Like if the Great Popsicle was a book.

Much love, in a detached and hopefully not creepy way,


Daniel replies:

Thank you. Quite possibly we'll be offering the audio Borgel in the Audio Archives section of the Podcast section of this very website before very long. Stick around.