Savannah & Rachel Ramsey

November 28, 2007

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We don’t write letters to celebrities, but we think you are one of a kind! We were first turned on to your talent when we found the Big Orange Splot. We’ve read lots of your books, and have checked out every single one they have at our local library. Our favorites are The Hoboken Chicken Emergency, Fat Men from Space, The Last Guru, The Big Orange Splot, and most of all Alan Mendleson, Boy from Mars. We absolutley love your character’s names, they are so cool. You have a great last name. [Pinkwater think about it] I am only nine years old and think that most kids may not even know about you!

We wish you a long life filled with continued creative genius, and MORE BOOKS!!! Thanks for sharing your imagination with the world. We feel fortunate, indeed.

With lots of gratitude,

Savannah, 9 and her mom Rachel, 31.

Daniel replies:

Pretty nice letter! You think I am a cool writer--but there is something more important than a writer, and without which being a writer means nothing! Readers! You! You are the cool ones! Please keep reading my stuff, and visiting this website, (and don't forget the new podcast and Audio Archives! Yaaaay! I will think about you reading my books up there in Sitka!