Warner Sandquist

November 23, 2007

Post #2327 – 20071123

Dear Daniel,

I wanted to let you know that when I have had a tough day, I come home and click on my favorites link that takes me to a compendium of all of your utterances on NPR. I then play a random few for my wife and me and am much uplifted by the sound of your voice and your profundity of whimzy. For almost five years it was my great pleasure to act as local host for WESAT on member station WMRA in Harrisonburg, VA. I will always take pride in the small part I played in helping to bring your great gift of joy to our listeners. Thank you also for reminding everyone about the inimitable Jimmy Durante and his rendition of “I’ll never forget the day I read a book.” What a gem…

Thank you with all my heart,

Daniel replies:

Thank YOU. If the link you click to ""all my utterances"" on NPR is npr.org, then you are not linking to ""all"" by any means. For the first few years, my agreement with NPR reserved all rights to the pieces to me. Those pieces are not in NPR's archive. But they are here--at this website!--or will be, as time goes by, and Webmaster Ed creates more podcasts. Enjoy.