kidd soole

November 7, 2007

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Dear daniel,

My name is logan soole im like your biggest fan ever.our class did an author study and as soon as i knew you where a choice i really wanted you.You are so funny.Do you mean to be funny in your books?Thanks for taking time out of your day to raed this YOU ROCK!I wish i could get an autograph but that would be to much to ask for.I really hope you send me back because that would be so awesome.I really like your illistratoins also.I really like writing storys but i will never be as good as you.Remember YOU ROCK

from:kidd soole

Daniel replies:

I will send you an autograph! Send me the thing you want autographed, (no checks please), and a postage-paid self-addressed return envelope. Webmaster Ed will tell you where to send it.