August 13, 2007

Post #2275 – 20070813

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I recently purchased the PBS video “Fat,” and I was impressed by your outlook. I am very fat. I went to the emergency room with a triple migraine once and asked if they could do an MRI of my head. The doctor said, “We’d have to take you to the zoo.” I know well the accepted prejudice and cruelty toward fat people. I am curious about your books (geared to children and to adults) that are available, relating to weight. Thanks for your contribution to the film. By the way, I’m originally from Middletown, New York.



Daniel replies:

That documentary was disappointing. The guy who was shooting it expressed an enlightened attitude and described a program that I would have loved to see. Something seems to have happened to it on the way to broadcast. I am contemplating someday writing a book which I will title ""How to be Fat."" Some of my books, like Fat Camp Commandos, are about fatness, some have fat characters. Once you get the hang of ignoring the silly stereotypes, mostly derived from advertising, the question of fatness becomes sort of trivial. The next time some doctor abuses you for being fat ask the following questions: 1. Realistically, what are my chances of ceasing to be fat, and 2. Which would confer the greater benefits, exercising more, stopping smoking, eating more veggies, reducing stress, or losing weight?