Tom Cutler

July 24, 2007

Post #2267 – 20070724

I came to your forum upon googling my friend’s, Kareem Haddad’s, name. The interesting part is I came to research anything I could of Kareem’s untimely death several years ago. The post was from 1997 and it mentioned him and Joshua Cohen having written something in your ‘guest book’ if not for lack of a better term. Both Kareem and Josh died in seperate accidents shortly after they graduated from high school. Both were very creative. Unfortunately they both had accidents that could have been avoided- had they the type of outlook upon humanity that would foster a better self preservation. Needless to say, I will go out and BUY at least a couple of your books to keep on my young boys’ book shelf until they see fit to read them.

Daniel replies:

I'm thinking back on friends of mine who died young, and careless chances I myself took, and survived through pure luck.