Mark Steiner

July 22, 2007

Post #2265 – 20070722

Well, then.

Perhaps I am in a position to help you. Apparently I am the only possessor of any shred of that beautiful little radio play, albeit in its pathetic and tangled state.

I will see if I can’t put it back together, and get it documented in a suitable digital condition.

Don’t you remember, really? “I spent my time doing ‘Vampire’ things…”They were eating sardine and onion sanwiches…what neat guys.”

It is up to me to save this for your Nobel Prize nomination. (wink)

Daniel replies:

Of course, there's the book, WEMPIRES, published by....I forget. Copies are probably findable. You could send a file containing your fragment to webmaster Ed, and he could make it available on the website.