Colin Chapman

June 29, 2007

Post #2244 – 20070629

Mr. Pinkwater,

I took my six year old daughter and four year old son the the library last week. My son stumbled upon “Two Bad Bears in the Big City”.

For me it was one of those, “If that’s what you want great. Hurry up, we’ve got to get to the store.”

We got home and read the book to them. Your stories about Irving, Muktuk, Roy and Larry are now their favorite. I’ve laid hands on every one of your bear books I can find.

As much as the kids like them, my wife and I love them (although my wife keeps telling me that hit anyone in the head and tell them to fend for themselves). We’ve even made up a bad bear game where they try and steal a pack of blueberry muffins I’ve hidden before we read.

Thank you for providing some wonderful and entertaining reading. Your work is unique and special.

-Colin Chapman

Daniel replies:

We like the Larry books and the Irving and Muktuk books ourselves. It's good to hear from discerning readers.