Sasha Trosch

May 15, 2007

Post #2233 – 20070515


My six-year-old son brought home your book “The Big Orange Splot” as his reading homework tonight. I noticed that the book cover included your middle name, Manus, and I was suddenly transported back 35 years: wasn’t my favorite childhood book written by a person named Manus?

I went to the bookcase where I keep my most treasured books and pulled out “Bear’s Picture.” Sure enough, it was written and illustrated by Manus Pinkwater in 1972 (it cost $1.45). I can’t tell you how many times I copied the bear’s picture and imitated the fine, proper gentleman.

And what a treat, to now be able to share your books with my son.

All my best wishes.

Daniel replies:

Here's another treat! Bear's Picture is about to be republished, this time with illustrations by the great D.B. Johnson. You can compare 'em! (Interesting note: D.B. did his illustrations without ever having seen the ones I did. See how he dealt with my text).