Sam Wittmann

May 13, 2007

Post #2228 – 20070513

Hello again D.P, I know I’ve already sent you one message, but I just want you to know that I picked you for my school’s Author Report. I’m gonna do a report on you and your books. All my classmates think your hilarious. So, once again, thanks for being the coolest author on the planet.

P.S: I wrote a letter to your publisher. They say they’ll redirect it to you but I haven’t gotten anything back, did you receive it but got too caught up in your awesome chicken-related coolness? (That was not meant as an insult however much it sounds like it.)

P.S.S: Your the greatest author in the universe.

Daniel replies:

It is time you learn--publishers are often unable to do things. Even though I am the coolest author in the universe, (yes, you are correct about that), stuff does not always get forwarded. I regret having to bring this depressing news to you.