Julie Jacobs

May 2, 2007

Post #2225 – 20070502

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Thanks so much for your animated response of April 26. I was thrilled to receive any response at all, let alone one with an exclamation point after the very first sentence. I wonder why Dav can’t spell? He writes quite well, despite this impediment.

At any rate, I’m writing again to disagree, mildly, with your final point. Your opinion IS apparently better than many others’, at least in the opinion of NPR and Wonder Time magazine. So I’m siding with them on the issue. I have a feeling I would side with you on other disagreements, such as those involving which dishes to order at a Chinese restaurant, for example.

I remain ignorant of your opinion of my little book, but grateful for your time.

All the best,


Daniel replies:

Writers can hardly help associating opinions about their books with some kind of comment on ultimate worth, (the books' or their own). This is a mistake. In choosing books for the radio program, I look for books of high quality that would be a good fit for the radio program. In choosing books for the magazine, I look for books of high quality that can relate to the topic I was assigned. In other words, I am looking for books I can write about. So here are my two possible opinions about your book: 1. I can write about this one. 2. I can't write about this one. (That is, assuming it is a book of high quality, which I will assume it is).