April 15, 2007

Post #2212 – 20070415

Mr. Pinkwater,

I had to do a report where I had to pretend to take an author to lunch. I chose to take you to MARS 2112 in Times Square because I have read that it is wild and crazy like you. I ordered you shrimp cocktail, a great hamburger, and cheesecake. I also got you a grape soda. What do you think of this menu?

Also, I was wondering did you ever find out what your dad’s business was. I listened to your NPR interview and heard you talk about it. Also, did you have any relatives like Borgel?



Age 9

Daniel replies:

Great choices! A little light on the veggies, but what the heck--it's a special occasion. My father bought and sold all kinds of large, heavy, dusty, grimy things, and I had to work for him summers, lifting and dragging them in dark basements, and hot warehouses. Uncle Borgel is based on a real uncle of mine--I had to tone the character down or nobody would have believed it.