Anne Burgess Rowe

April 15, 2007

Post #2211 – 20070415

What I have to say is that I wrote and illustrated a children’s book–hours and years on making it as right as I can–I think it’s a good book ;the illustrations are beautiful. The entire book was a dream, start to finish, so the actual work of putting it into form was not a struggle. I am in awe of the field of children’s literature, but totally clueless about what steps to take towards possible publication.

A friend just suggested that I ask you for advice, so I am. What I have is manuscript,copies (black and white and color) of the illustrations and a dummy book. I am purposely leaving it all out in my studio until I do something with it–a daily reminder that I don’t know WHAT to do. Any suggestio from you would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you–Anne Burgess Rowe

Daniel replies:

The children's book writing society, which is like a cross between a wannabe writers' club and some kind of scheme like Mary Kay or selling Tupperware, claims to have around 20,000 members, (the overwhelming majority of whom will never get published, and oughtn't to). 20,000 members! And those are just the ones with money to throw away on membership, conference fees, and extras. Then there are no end of websites all about getting published, also no end of books purporting to tell you how to do it. You want my advice? I advise you to be me--and fall into it without meaning to or knowing what you're doing. If you can't be me, be you--and do what you would do, if you were you.