Ann Southcombe

March 13, 2007

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Hi Daniel,

You are one funny guy! I love to listen to you and Scott on Morning Edition! I have just discovered your prolific writings and feel I missed something by not finding them until now. I have no kids but my neices and all the kids who have passed through my life would have enjoyed me reading your stories to them (not to mention my joy!)

On a personal note for you, I think of you as the Children’s Book Guru. I don’t have the imagination to write such books but a pet squirrel of mine did!! I just thought I would ask you for advice if you think it would make a good kids book and could be published.

It is on my website should you ever have the time to take a peek. If you think you could help me, I will send you a book.

I will be buying some of your books just for me. I could use some giggles in my life.

Thanks for your talent and humor.

Take Good Care,


Daniel replies:

You know, I think I have run across your website before, all on my own!

About giving advice to do with unpublished books. I don't do that. First of all, you don't want advice from me or anybody--people just tell you what they would do, and in so many cases they are not you. If you want to find out if your book is publishable, the best thing would be to send it to a lot of publishers and see if any of them want it. Good luck!