March 5, 2007

Post #2169 – 20070305

My friends and I all read Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars in jr. high. The book was so popular that it generated its own underground economy (the person that had it would trade possession of the book for items such as Twinkies or in my case a knit cap as it was cold). Needless to say the book was listed as “missing” in our school library for two years.

This was the first book I ever really read. Sure I completed book reports but I never made the connection back then the the purpose of the “book report” was to read the book (after all we were the kind of kids that would take books from the library without permission). It was the first time I recall thinking that books could be more that mere forced educational opportunities; they could provide entertainment.

Subsequently I have read this book at one time or another to each of my children.

Thank you.

Daniel replies:

If I understand your note correctly, the book _was_ ultimately returned to the school library, so when you die you will not be consigned to the fires of hell. Thank you for this heart-warming reminiscence.