Margureite Plank

February 21, 2007

Post #2165 – 20070221

After the Zen Monk receives his hot dog, he hands the vendor a $20 bill. The vendor puts it in his cash box and turns to the next customer. The monk says, “Where’s my change?” The vendor replies, “Change must come from within.”

(This is not original with me, alas, and I can no longer recall where I heard it.)

I’ve enjoyed listening to you for a while, and particularly like the Lulu stories, the links to which I’ve pestered many friends with. I have a slightly used Rat Terrier who is showing an unexpected aptitude for obedience training.

I’ve also bought books for my niece and nephew based on your discussions with Scott Simon. Thanks!

Daniel replies:

In the street, outside Cohen's Cones and Weiner's Wieners, a monk met Joshu, and asked him, ""Does a hot dog have a buddha-nature?"" Joshu replied, ""Ask Cohen.""