February 17, 2007

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good evening. i am glad this question will be handled by someone who is @ least 270 lbs., as this would suggest an expertise concerning my question, which is this: is herschel’s chicago hot dogs still open, + if so, where is the shrine located in dutchess county ? i am making a trip there soon, and would like to make time for a pilgrimage if the place still exists. thanks for your time.

Daniel replies:

Alas! Hershel's is no more. Hershel himself is no more. (I am obliged to mention that his early and lamented departure may have had something to do with consuming his own products. These hot dogs should be handled with the respect due a loaded gun). Equally dangerous would be the Nathan's hot dog stand in the Galleria Mall. Actually, more dangerous as there was a structural collapse at that mall last week, and one has to contemplate the possibility of being swallowed up by falling masonry while swallowing one's Coney Island red hot. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

What did the Zen monk say to the hot dog vendor?

""Make me one with everything.""