Kevin Buso

January 21, 2007

Post #2145 – 20070121

Hey- I grew up in Red Hook, crawling all over the Hudson Valley that we both call home, discovering all it’s fantastic nooks and crannies. I never appreciated the Hudson Valley that much once I moved out to western PA for school, until I heard your piece on my absolutely most favorite restaurant, The Golden Wok. I also just read your adventure into the K-mart parking lot (good choice on location by the way).

Anyways, I just had to share my appreciation, and I thought I might add that I know some wonderful people that I can promise you’d enjoy the company of up in Tivoli. They throw great parties and the bars always open!


Daniel replies:

Why, you young whipperflippersnippersnapper, I have known Tivoli, man and boy, for lo these going on 50 years, and remember when the people there wore animal skins, and worshipped odd-looking tree stumps. Do you ever order the daily vegetable special on the whiteboard at the Golden Wok? Yum!