Mary Peters

January 17, 2007

Post #2140 – 20070117

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am a Junior Great Books facilitator, and this week my group of 20 second graders enjoyed reading and discussing “Blue Moose.” We had most excellent conversations about cold weather, cold personalities, warm beds and delicious clam chowder. It’s been one of our favorite stories so far.

We ended our “Blue Moose” study by writing the postcard that the moose sends to Mr. Breton while visiting his uncle. Delightful sentiments, they are, with lots of requests for more gingerbread and inquiries into whether the townspeople are still simply saying “Yup.” The students madly want to send their cards to Mr. Breton, which is problematic being somewhat fictional as he is. I thought the next best thing would be to send them to his creator. Is there a way to do this? Or might you be able to send a message back to me that I can relay to this adoring and adorable group of earnest moose lovers?

Thank you,

Mary Peters

Holland, MI

Daniel replies:

Hey! Watch who you call fictional! The webmaster will help you.