Nikki Scott

January 9, 2007

Post #2134 – 20070109

Hi, My name is Nikki. I read one of his books, called “Attila the Pun: A Magic Moscow Story” and I loved it. It has already been 10 years since I read the book (and it was hilarious! I think I now know where my punstership came about, as I am a master of the puns!) In fact, I call myself Attila the Pun, although it’s not known by a lot of others. I have an unusual predicament: I want to get a permanent copy of Pinkwater’s novel (above said title) and would like to know where I can obtain one, if I could not get one free. I also dislike getting a book online because although I have an gift ticket for 75 dollars, I’d prefer to obtain one the old-fashion way (no scams can happen!!)

Please offer some information.

Sincerely, Nikki

Daniel replies:

I found a copy for sale on Ebay for $1.03 plus $3.95 shipping. Of course, that's an online purchase, and of course scams can happen. You could also be in touch with an ethical bookselling establishment, (my favorite is Cattermole 20th Century Children's Books,, and there are others as well). You can order from them by mail or phone, and if they don't have a copy, they can find you one for a fair price. My observation is that out-of-print books offered by are often priced much higher than from other sources. Thanks for wanting a book of mine--I wish I could supply it myself, but I need to retain my very few copies of out of print books, which I am sometimes able to have reprinted.