gerry schwartz

December 26, 2006

Post #2126 – 20061226

Howdy Daniel

Some years ago you remenisced about one of your favorite eateries of the yesterdays, Jimmy’s, Chelsea are of NYC (in the thirtie’s perhaps. anyway, west side) Jimmy was a large, rotund fellow with almolst no english, who padded about in slippers, and served from an open kitchen. Most of the hangers on in his emporium were Puerto Rican dominoe players. I was also an habitue of the place in the early & mid 60s, and wonder if you recall its name, more precise location, and/or experiences, culinary or other, you might have had there. Thanks.

Gerry (38 year resident of rural WNC, but a New York expatriate at heart).

Daniel replies:

It was: The Original Spartacus A.P. Pepsi Cola Oriental Restaurant, and it had stenciled Acropolises in radiator paint on the walls.