Joe Hawkins

December 7, 2006

Post #2113 – 20061207

Hello Daniel,

Did you find out the name of the delicious veg you enjoyed at the Chinese Restrauant? I may have cooked it today (w/Chinese cut pork ribs and brown sauce) after gathering our harvest! WHen available it is VERY available! It is Chaote or veg pear or merliton…all the same veg. You will see at all oriential markets and most grocers.



PS: All meals are sacred…some more than others!

Daniel replies:

I think it was ""si gua"" or loofah! But it's all guesssing. Today they had Chinese broccoli rabe at the Golden Wok in Red Hook, NY, which is to say broccoli rabe served in a Chinese restaurant. Yum.