Donald Waits

November 27, 2006

Post #2110 – 20061127

Hiya, DMP&J,

Bettcha been wondering what ever happened to Ol’ Donald from

your Huntington Days. No? Weel, I’ll have you know I have been

telling Pinkwater stories all over the Big Sleezy. One of my good

friends is Colleen Sally, a retired teacher of children’s literature

and who reads to the little bastards on occasion. When I told her

that I once knew you, she was both thrilled and mortified. I had

a letter from you (actually, it was MY letter with your corrections

on it) which I shared with her. She has taught from most of your

books and is a guru of the genre. All things considered, I am very

happy I discovered this site on my trusty Apple. Someday I’ll get

a computer. I seldom listen to that commie, liberal, unamerican

radio trash NPR. Even though I am retired (for the past 12 years)

I have beter things to do with my time. Such as singing in local

clubs, taking lots of photographs, ad painting. Glad to know

you are both well and even more productive. Give me an E-Mail

if you have the time or the simple humanity of bringing joy to

an old man who figured so pointedly in your undeserved career.

Donald Waits

My stage name is now “Mad Dog”

PS: I went to the rest of your web pages and thre is far too much information for me to stomach. Thanks, anywho…..Shall I send you a CD?

Daniel replies:

No thanks. Avoiding sensory overload.