Robert Baruch

November 27, 2006

Post #2109 – 20061127

Hi Daniel,

My first introduction to science fiction was with Alan Mendelsohn, The Boy From Mars. I read it when I was twelve, and it started off my career in reading SF. 25 years and several thousand books later, I had been reorganizing my collection when I came across my original copy of the book. I read it again this afternoon, and it still made me laugh out loud.

The book will never, ever leave my bookshelf. If The Singularity ever happens and I get to upload myself, that book is coming with me! It was a pivotal event in my life, so thanks for writing it!


–Robert Baruch

Daniel replies:

Thank you. I wish I had known more about writing when I wrote it. But I'll probably write it again some time. Meanwhile, I hope you're checking out The Neddiad, on this site.