Erin Brenner

November 13, 2006

Post #2097 – 20061113

hello mr. pinkwater

my name is erin brenner, Iam 12 years old and the book that you wrote tha caught my attention was “borgle” I am upset that it is not in print anymore and that I don’t own it. it is hilarious I read it when I saw it in the teen section at my library an dI read it to my cousins and they loved it too! I love the idea of all of borgle belongings being in a suit case I have thought of doing that my self it is so organized how does borgle know what is in each suitcase and not get them mixed up?! I love your dog lulu she is sooo cute I wish that I had a dog I have been begging my parents for a while but no such luck…:( oh well here is the point of my letter I am writing letters to various authorsand seeing how many that I get replys from you are the third author that I have wriiten to. lisa papademetriou was number 2 and I forget number one (he he) I will copy, paste and print your reply when it comes up on your forum I know you said that all letters do not show up but I am a very persistant and stubborn person and I will keep writing untill you write back. Also I hope you read this and not mr. salami man (no offence mr. salami man) please write more than a couple sentances I would be honnered if I could add your letter to my collection. thank you very much mr. pinkwater!

with all due respect,

Erin Brenner

Daniel replies:

Erin -- Borgel is in print! It is included in the paperback anthology 4 FANTASTIC NOVELS from Simon and Schuster. And you get 3 other novels with it, all for less that you would have paid for Borgel alone! Cool, no? There is another collection called 5 NOVELS. Same deal. There is nothing wrong with being a very persistant and stubborn person. Thank you for writing.