November 5, 2006

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Dear Daniel Pinkwater: My name is Audrey. I am 6 years old. I loved your book about Mush. It was interesting. Are there more books about Mush? I saw a dog that looks like Mush on your website. Is that how you got the idea of the book? If there are more books about Mush, just tell me. If there aren’t, I’ll give you an idea. Maybe you could write about them going to the park and Mush kind of gets in some trouble. Or they could solve mysteries. You have good ideas and I want to know the story of how Mush came from space. Can you make a book about it? Don’t make any of the books scary, please. Because it might be too scary for me. My favorite part of the book was when Mush dialed the fireman!! It was funny. Do you like the books you make? Could you make a book when they go to space to see Mush’s sisters, brothers, and all those other things like that?

Sincerely, Audrey (and the parental typist!)

[Half an hour later]

Dear Daniel Pinkwater: At first, my mommy didn’t know there were more Mush books because she looked everywhere on your website and couldn’t find one. So we wrote you a letter. Then we found out that some mean guy wouldn’t publish the other Mush book. You don’t have to make that letter that I sent you be on your website. Just do this one. When I found out that the mean guy wouldn’t publish the book you made, I felt sad. I was mad at him too. I thought he was as mean as the fox who said: “Go chase your tail, you big pussy cat.”

Then we finally figured it out. I can read Mush’s Jazz Adventure!! Tomorrow we’re going to get the next book. I’m so excited! I can’t wait to learn more about Mush!

Are you only going to make two books? What if that mean guy says again that you can’t publish it? I know this sounds a little bit funny but you should tell him: “Why don’t YOU go chase you tail, you big mean old pussycat.” But I don’t want to be rude about it. I just love to read about Mush and want to see more and more and more Mush books!!!!!!!

Is the girl from space too because she could hear what the fox was saying?



(and the mother of the Mush groupie)

Daniel replies:

Just two Mush books. It's not that ""the guy"" is mean....just that he' Try some other books I wrote? :-)