Suzanne Bishop

October 10, 2006

Post #2075 – 20061010

I am an elementary school librarian. I loved your books before I became one (a librarian) and now when I plop your books into my students’ hands, they go away perplexed come back for more, more, more. They love them too. And so, when I asked my students who we should invite to come visit us, naturally your name popped up immediately. I have looked on your website, and found nothing saying if, how, where, when, etc. you do author visits. Are you too busy? Do you enjoy children primarily from a distance? Would you consider a brief visit to a stellar elementary school, during which you would be swamped with adulation (and filled with yummy homemade cinnamon rolls)?

Daniel replies:

I enjoy visiting children, and inexplicably they appear to enjoy it when I turn up to do school visits. Also, though I no longer do cinnamon rolls as a regular thing, I have great respect for them. But I am not going much of anywhere just now. My plan is to stay right where I am and write a book. So, I will decline your invitation with thanks. But ask me another time--I might become mobile at some point.