Alexander Colby

August 17, 2006

Post #2039 – 20060817

Hi Mr. Pinkwater,

I haven’t read anything by you since I was a little kid. Almost certainly a disservice to both of us, come to think of it; I loved them, ate them up like popcorn, they made me happy. I could use more happy, who couldn’t?

I’m feeling nostalgic, and I miss the writer with whom I so much indentified when I was 9 – 13 years old. Your work was absurd, clever, silly, fun, and yet never really ‘fluff’ – even if the subtance was in stealth mode most of the time, it still got across. It was obvious that you were having fun while you wrote your books. That doesn’t always come across in the sort of stuff I read these days.

I think the last time I read one of your books was in 1983. Just after that year I began my mission to grow up as fast as I could. These days, I wish I’d taken my time.

I’m feeling like I should take something good to read with me on an upcoming trip to the Burning Man Art Festival, where I hope to let go of a lot of mental and emotional junk I’ve been building up over the years. I’d like to get back in touch with the kid I once was, maybe…see how he feels about things. Maybe not find any answers, but possibly discover some new questions.

Will you please make a suggestion or two of books you’ve published since the early 80’s (pretty sure I read everything prior to 83), that I could read over my trip? I’d certainly appreciate it.

I used to be one of your biggest fans, and I’m very glad you’re still writing; just knowing that makes me smile.

Best wishes,

Alex in Astoria

Daniel replies:

Oh, I don't know--try THE ARTSY SMARTSY CLUB.