Mayaj and Tally

August 13, 2006

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My name is Mayaj and I have very recently introduced my friend Tally to your Wonderfulness. Our favorite will always be Young Adult Novel. Which brings us to our request: May we make shirts that say “MUNCH ON, LITTLE KEVIN SHAPIRO” and wear them? We only intend to make two, one for each of us, since we don’t know anyone else who might be worthy. We would love to make another one and send it to you, may we pleeeaaase? And if we can’t, can someone in… ermm… DP merchandise..(?) make them so we can buy them? As you can tell this is very important to us. I’d love to go on and tell you how your books personally taught me how to read English (I’m from Israel) but this is neither the time nor the place, right? Right. Anyway, we badly want those shirts (we are aspiring Wild Dada Duckettes), but we thought we’d better get permission. Since you own Kevin Shapiro. Which makes you a god by the way. Stopping typing now is a good idea.


We love you!!! And your books, but mostly you!

Mayaj and Tally

Daniel replies:

Oh, that's a good idea! A Kevin Shapiro t-shirt. Maybe it could have a non-(tm) facsimile of Grape Nuts with the slogan, ""Munch on, little Kevin Shapiro."" Or let these two duckette candidates just do their own. How do you say Grape Nuts in Hebrew?