Robin Koontz

July 20, 2006

Post #2015 – 20060720

Hi Daniel and Jill!!

We all met over the phone when I discovered you gave a happy final home to Derri, who was once my mom’s horse. Mom has also since gone by. I bet they are back together, which makes the whole thing okay in my mind.

I’m writing because I have my first pop-up books out from Little Simon: UP ALL NIGHT COUNTING! and CREEPY CRAWLY COLORS! They are both amazing in their engineering by Bruce Foster. And being a bat advocate also, of course, there are bats in UP ALL NIGHT COUNTING (NOT creepy at all!!).

I’d love to send you copies of each, in hopes of course that you might tell someone about them so the sales soar.

Hey these are my not my first children’s books but the very first time I feel I have something worthy of your voice. They rhyme, they’re only 12 pages, they pop-up, and they are a sneaky way to bring attention to some maligned creatures, like banana slugs. Please let me know, I would be happy to give you copies.

All best,

Robin Koontz

Daniel replies:

We always spelled it Derry--she was such a great horse! She thought she was our mother. She and I were special friends. Have your publisher send me a review copy at their expense. No promises, of course--we only get to do a very few, and there are requirements to do with suitability for the broadcast, but I will be most happy to look at it.