July 20, 2006

Post #2014 – 20060720

wellll- I have enjoyed your stories/news bits for years, and recently realized we have things in common. Childrens’ books- my son wrote a book report after actually reading “I was a Second Grade Werewolf”- (I think that was the title, I said “oh, I know him”) radio makes people think that, we might know you. But lately I’ve enjoyed your tales of going to art school, “Milky Duds”, some other bits- I too went to the SAIC/art institute (1978-83)so I got a kick out of it- I just heard the story about the woodblock master was it Aikos- where you bought his book? I miss Chi town .

kerry who was born in Worcester, MA

Daniel replies:

Yep, Aiko's, where I bought the little Munakata book, a teapot, rice paper and some brushes. Amazing how people listening in pick up these details. Good old Art Institute. You could take the bus downtown, hit the magnificent old main library, then the Art Institute, and home again for what, 30 cents round trip? In the summer you could hang around and hear a concert in Grant Park. Free culture.