Peggy Northcraft

July 20, 2006

Post #2009 – 20060720

Just discovered that THE BLUE MOOSE is in print again and I am ecstatic! Am ordering a copy for the Hannibal Free Public Library now and one for myself after I make SURE that it is the real Blue Moose.

Not that I think you would try to fool me – but I am from Missouri, the Show Me State.

BTW, may we assume that Mr. Breton’s chaudiere de clam is New England rather than Manhattan?

Daniel replies:

Not only is it New England, but there was a real chef named Breton operating in Greenville, Maine at one time, and his chowder was the best we'd ever eaten. For years we tried to duplicate his recipe, we had many good chowders, but never one like his. The one that came closest was in a cookbook by wonderful old Vincent Price, the movie actor and art expert. I think it's called the Vincent Price Cookbook. So if you want to experience something like Blue Moose chowder, that's the recipe to find.