Cricket Dadian

July 20, 2006

Post #2008 – 20060720

I managed to catch the last few minutes of a radio piece of yours the other day about your love for the work of Munakata. He and my parents became close friends in Tokyo after the end of the war, and I grew up hearing many stories about the artist. My parents collected his work — he gave them pieces, they bought some — a small but spectacular collection that includes several woodblock prints, two paintings (one created for my brother, who was born in Tokyo in 1948) and, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful prints he ever made.

If you’re ever in the Washington area, you’re more than welcome to stop by and see them.

Daniel replies:

Thank you! I might take you up on your kind invitation. Munakata is still my favorite printmaker. It's neat how some artists can change the way you see things, and think about things.