July 16, 2006

Post #2006 – 20060716

You’ll See (Ulysses)

I shall indeed download the book and shall also buy the tome.

Your best thus far? Impressive. I find that thusfar your best works have been Nifkin and Snarkout Boys and The Avacado of Death. This is not, of course, to include your two masterful essay compilations Fish Whistle and Chicago Days Hoboken Nights. Both of these were excellent in their own write/right.

I look forward, as always, to more of your brilliance.

Ever your loyal fan and liege,

Ben Ben George

Daniel replies:

Well, to tell the truth, I am getting sort of tired of it, and interested in the next one--but I stand by what I said. It's the best book I could write when I wrote it. Of course in doing so I learned a couple of things I want to try out. It is the principal honor of my life that I have readers such as yourself.