Celina Aldape

July 14, 2006

Post #2001 – 20060714

Ha. I was Googling myself recently (like the vain, conceited person that I am) and I happened to come across a certain fourth-grader who wrote to you five years ago. That was on page 32, and lo and behold! It was me.

To be honest, I’d quite forgotten about your books until about a month ago (while browsing my younger brother’s bookshelves in an act of desperation to find something to read, I found Fat Men From Space, sat down on the hardwood floor, and read it in about half an hour) and I really haven’t read too many of them since. But, if I weren’t stuck on vacation in a tiny town in central Oregon at the moment hunched over my dad’s laptop, bored beyond reason, I’m sure after finding this website I’d dig some of the old ratty novels out from the grunge under the bed (artfully dodging the monster, of course) and read them. As it is, I might drag my poor mother to the nearest bookstore soon (twenty miles away, I told you it was a small town) and buy The Last Guru again.

Now, I only dimly remember boys from Mars, large chickens and great orange popsicles (remind me again why these books fascinate me?) but hey, I think I will run down the the bookstore (twenty miles away! on a bicycle!) and buy whatever I can find.

Heh, I’m going into ninth grade now. That was a long time ago.

See ya!

Daniel replies:

Nifty writing, Celina. Don't let ninth grade and high school dull your edge. As to the problems of finding books and bookstores, a novel solution is going to be announced soon on this very website. Keep logging in.